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Make It a Weekend Experience

You can't squeeze in all that the Mt. Hood area has to offer in just one day. Plus, by turning The Huckleberry Half into a full weekend, you'll save yourself from an early-early wake up and morning drive to Welches on Saturday morning!

Book any number of nights at any of the locations listed below and receive registration for any distance into The Huckleberry Half for just $20! All you have to do is:

1) Make a booking at any of the hotels listed below.

2) Email us your confirmation number.

3) We will send you a unique registration promo code for The Huckleberry Half!

Special notes: *The number of available discounts connected to hotel bookings is limited. *In the event a hotel booking is canceled, any Huckleberry Half registrations acquired via the unique promo code will be eliminated and refunded.


The Mt. Hood Oregon Resort


Whispering Woods Resort


Mt. Hood Tiny House Village


Sandy Salmon B&B

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