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Huckleberry Running Festival
Course Map

Half Marathon Route: At your own pace, you’ll delight in sights such as a golf course, the Cascade Range, the Salmon River, bridges and natural wildlife—where you might see deer! The Half Marathon route is the same as the 10k except it has an additional six-seven miles of running in the National Forest and crossing the Salmon River twice. This course is considered somewhat challenging with mixed rolling hills. 

10K Route: At just the right speed, you’ll go south on Salmon River Rd. and then take Fairway Ave. while breathing in the exhilarating Cascade Range. Continuing south on Welches Rd., you’ll enjoy the scenery of moss-filled trees and woodsy homes. Finally, you’ll come to Salmon River Rd. to circle back to the start. 

5K Route: This race will take you along some of the beautiful fairways & into the gorgeous neighborhoods of the The Resort at the Mtn. This is an out & back and provides some breathtaking views of the surrounding hills. 

Huckleberry_2018 map.jpg

1/2 Marathon Elevation Guide


For the 5k, it is an out to mile 1.6 and back.

For the 10k, the elevation guide is true for miles 1-5, then skips to 11.5 to finish.

Huckleberr Half Course Map
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